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Our Kitchen Policy

We maintain our Kitchen always clean and neat.

We always ensure the hygiene of cooked food and raw material.

We always cook with love and serve with smile.

We always cook and serve high quality. Tasty and hygienic food.

All our Kitchen colleagues wash their hands every time with soap before they start with their work.

All our Kitchen colleagues must maintain their nails always flat and maintain their hair always short.

All our Kitchen colleagues must wear head net and apron while working in the Kitchen.

All our supply workers must wear gloves and head net while they serve food.

We ensure that cooked food is always covered properly.

We maintain all the Machineries periodically to avoid Hazards and breakdown.

We strictly restrict unauthorized entry into the Kitchen.

We ensure all the Kitchen workers are healthy.

We ensure that the gas pipe line and regulators are fit and out of leakage to ensure safety.

We make sure to follow all the all safety rules.

We always keep in mind that the food prepared by us provides health and energy for our customers and hence realize its importance and sacredness.

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